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Lubbock Bowling Association

 2004-2005 President

Al Benson



Welcome Lubbock Bowlers

 The Lubbock Bowling Association is a group of individuals who have volunteered their time in an effort to maintain the integrity of the game. Our goals are to improve awareness, promote the sport of bowling, conduct tournaments, and educate the bowling public to all the benefits of being a member of the Lubbock Bowling Association, Lubbock Womens Bowling Association, or the Youth Bowling Association. Some other responsibilities of the Associations include a solid rules structure, competitive league formation, awards programs for all levels, education programs, and someone to answer questions and assist with national, state and local events.

 The 2003-2004 Bowling season was a great year for Lubbock Bowlers and the Lubbock Bowling Association. Great strides were achieved toward the advancement of many goals. The City Tournaments had higher participation at all levels. Throughout the season youth, women, men, and senior bowlers of all skill levels came out for the fun and enjoyment of the sport. Responses from the proprietors were also complementary to our efforts.

 The national associations have voted to merge in the near future.  Many changes to the structure to our local associations will also take place. The members of the Lubbock Bowling Association are looking forward to the advancement this merger will afford. As in any organization where change is needed to continue advancing the purpose of the organization, growing pains will be felt. Communication, teamwork, and forward thinking will be utilized freely to smooth the transition process.  I know that all members are working toward the same goal, advancement of the sport of Bowling.

 Some of the improvements to look forward to are, improved local awards, more contact with the individual bowler, teaching and supporting the youth bowler, more local tournaments, and improved services at local, state and national levels.

 I look ahead to the changes with an open mind and a desire to help. I also look forward to working with the many people who will be needed to make the upcoming year a great success. 


 Al Benson

LBA President


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